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Up Tempo Dance

Encouraging a Love of Dance Through Energy, Confidence, and FUN!


Our passion for sharing the love of dance is seen through the energy we bring to our students in class and on stage. It is seen through the excitement we express when our students conquer a new skill and the encouragement we voice through adversity. Energy is contagious, you can use it to lift others whether you are in tiny tots or in an executive board room. Energy brings life into dance and we as a studio believe it is vital to encourage our students to dance full out, as this can open the doors to new skills and development they never knew was possible. 


Helping our students take ownership of their learning and find value in their achievements.


As a studio we believe having Fun is what continues to keep our students engaged in their dance education and wanting to learn more. Creating exciting class activities to go along with our core instruction gives our students a diverse class setting and an environment they can learn and laugh in.

Meet Our Instructors

MAR00666 (1).jpg

 Anastasia (Ms. Anna ) 

Director - Instructor - Choreographer

Kimberly Teacher Pic.jpg

Miss Kimberly

Instructor - Choreographer

Kristen Teacher Pic.jpg

Miss Kristen

Instructor - Choreographer

Jacquelyn Teacher Pic.jpg

Miss Jacquelyn

Instructor - Choreographer

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