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Class Schedule
Two years in the same age group is recommended to review and refine first year skills. The second  year gives students the chance to be a leader and grow in confidence.

Dance With Me         

(Ages 1.5 yrs. - 2.5 yrs.) 30min


A creative movement class suitable for ages 18-30 months. Perfect for the child who still needs a little more time before separating from their caregiver. Caregivers participate actively in the class as children explore movement through music and dance. Their visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile senses are engaged as they learn about their body and the space around them.

Creative Movements        

(Ages 2-3 yrs.) 30min


A creative movements class for our dancers who are ready to independently engage in fun activities that will help them develop physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. A joyful class for children to explore movement through music and dance. 


Tiny Tempo Ballet        

(Ages 3-4 yrs.) 30min


Dancers will work on basic Ballet movement and terminology, rhythmic awareness, and coordination through song, dance, play. Activities change throughout class to hold onto those short attention spans!

Mini Tempo Ballet/Tap Combo

(Ages 4-5 yrs.) 45min


Dancers will engage in two styles of dance, Ballet and Tap. Our Pre-K / Kindergarten class continues to apply the building blocks of Ballet while introducing fundamentals in Tap. 

Mini Tempo 2 Ballet/Tap Combo


(Ages 5-7 yrs.) 1hr


Dancers will continue to expand on the fundamentals of Ballet and Tap. This class is great for students in Kindergarten - 2nd grade who are able to focus in hour long activities. 

Flip Flop Tumble        

(Ages 3-6 yrs.) 30min

Dancers will begin learning the foundations of tumbling in a class that helps develop strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance. *Tumbling is a non-recital class that focuses on stretching, floor gymnastics skills, and building strong muscles. 

Petite Tempo Jazz/Ballet               

(Ages 6-8 yrs.) 1hr


This class give dancers the opportunity to work on Jazz technique while continuing their Ballet fundamentals. This class is recommended for dancers who are in 1st - 3rd grade. This class will run at a faster pace and begin to dive deeper into the skills of Ballet and Jazz.

Happy Hoppers Hip Hop        

(Ages 4-6 yrs.) 30min

Movin 'N' Groovin Hip Hop       

(Ages 7-8 yrs.) 45min

Beat Busters Hip Hop        

(Ages 9+ yrs.) 1hr


An exciting class filled with the latest popular dance steps and music. Students will get a taste of several styles and be able to use basic steps to create explosive Hip Hop moves and find their own unique style as a Hip Hop dancer. All of these elements make the dance exciting, energetic and inspiring.

Junior Jazz Acro        

(Ages 8-12 yrs.) 45min

This class allows dancers to expand on their Jazz fundamentals taught in our younger programs while focusing on their execution and performance skills. This is a Jazz class infused with acrobatic elements. No tumbling experience needed.   

Junior Lyrical Ballet        

(Ages 8-12 yrs.) 45min


This class allows dancers to explore the Lyrical style of dance while continuing to strengthen their Ballet foundation. Dancers will expand on fundamentals taught in our younger programs while focusing on their execution and performance skills. 

Junior Tap        

(Ages 8-12 yrs.) 45min

This class will expand on the Tap fundamentals taught in our younger programs while also focusing on execution and performance skills.

Session Based Classes
Coming Soon! 

Check back for more information on our shorter session-based classes throughout the year.

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